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Aroma Tea Light (Acrylic)

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  • Dimensions: 20.00cm x 40.00cm x 240.00cm
Aroma Tea Light (Acrylic)


Aroma Tea Light (Acrylic)

Pack of 6 acrylic cup coloured & scented Tea Lights. Made from purest of wax and an exotic blend of essential oils - all brought together to create the most exquisite handcrafted aroma candles, which are smokeless and dripless.

Green tea and Bamboo

From a lush, green paradise of freshness comes the crisp fragrance of Green Tea combined with the subtle refreshing notes of Bamboo. The light woody notes will revive your home, helping you feel close to nature again


To transport you to a tropical dream, the luscious combination of the Pina Colada is perfect to take you back to those days at the beach. The sweet bouquet of fresh Pineapple and the rejuvenating notes of Coconut are packed into this fragrant candle, perfect to accentuate your home decor.

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Aroma Tea Light (Acrylic)
Aroma Tea Light (Acrylic)
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Aroma Tea Light (Acrylic)
Aroma Tea Light (Acrylic)
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